Children attend Festival in February at Haiti Communitere

The school Rajepre , as you already know . This is a community school which was established in October 2007 for children who did not have the opportunity to go to school. In this school , children are taught to read and write and also to civic education concepts environment. It also teaches them to devertir healthily. At school we use the important dates of Haiti to organize entertainment activities in nature for these children. such as: Day of childhood, Flag Day , Christmas and the other …. The kids decided adoper of them even one day to play. February 14th the day of Valentine . They help each other and they contribute to the management of the school and they propose to come to Haiti Communitere to pass the time . Indeed, we had contact HC who opened the space for children and sends its buses to transport them from school to HC . It’s was a good day, the children Children danced, ate, sang and explore the base HC.

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