About the team


WinterMy name is Winter Luc, I was born on May 18, 1985 and I am Haitian. I studied IT and banking technology but had to stop due to a lack of financial mean. My dream as a kid was to become a senator. It was my dream to be able to contribute to the development of my country. With time and as I was watching the politicians of my country, I realized my dream wasn’t good. I understood true positive change can only come from the community level. In 2006, some friends and I met some youths from Cite Soleil who had a great desire to learn a trade. Since then, we have taken the initiative to create an organization to work in Cite Soleil: RAJEPRE. With Rajepre, we provide a lot of training and seminars: Leadership and Community Engagement, Entrepreunership, Education (citizenship, pedagogy if teaching, classroom management) 


  • Entrepreneur
  • Education (citizenship, pedagogy if teaching, classroom management) Working
  • Founder and coordinator of the organization Rajepre  in 2006.
  • Member of a network of 150 community organization (CADEC) at Cite Soleil, partnering with NGO PADF. Secretary 2012 – 2015. Promotional manager 2017 – 2018
  • Volunteer with the movement KONBIT SOLEY LEVE
  • Member of the community round table at Haiti Communitere
  • Haiti Communitere Board member – Coordinator
  • Member of the network wozo ayiti with Future Generation Haiti
  • Teacher and volunteer at Project Hope art
  • Project Hope art Board of Director member




I am Deristil Jeff, I was born on September 23, 1994. I live in Cité Soleil, in a neighbourhood called Brooklyn. I work with children as an educator, and as a trainer. I am an assistant advisor in RAJEPRE. I am responsible for the education and cultural sub-committee. I have received many training in Hygiene, Civic & Moral Education, Entrepreneurship, Mechanics, Cholera prevention, Community Leadership, and Conflict Management. My passion is working in social activities and with children.








My Name is Claudy, I am responsible for the Environment awareness and Public Relations in RAJEPRE. I am a member of RAJEPRE Board. I am an assistant to the Director of the community school (CEFJ). I am a program manager at SEGA (School English Garden and ARTS), and a member of the Emergency and Disaster Recovery Commission in Cité Soleil.
I study english at EIM (English in mind)
I received different training: leadership , conflict management, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Human Rights, Education and Pedagogy.

My strength are a good sense of leadership, I excell at teamwork and I have a creative spirit.
My passion:  music, television, nature and environment.







My name is  Dea Fedner and I was born in Cite Soleil on May 29, 1989. I am a co-founder of OREID’H. I am Responsible for the cultural and entertainment area for RAJEPRE and a member of the Executive Board. I studied IT and metal work. I currently supervise ambassador of the ANACAONA hygiene program in Cité Soleil.

I am very committed to community service and social change.








I am Joseph Adlin. I am responsible for the Finance on the Executive board of RAJEPRE. I studied Economic Science. I worked for the American Red Cross and Medecins du Monde. I am currently an ambassador for the hygiene program ANACAONA in Cite Soleil. I like to see good things in my community, this is why I am committed to give my skills, skills and experience to community service.









I am a member of RAJEPRE Executive Board, my position is Deputy Secretary. I’m a teacher RAJEPRE Community School (CEFJ). I studied graphic design and computer sciene. I have some knowledge in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). I am motivated to work with a team of people doing positive work. My dream is to become a psychologist and an entrepreneur.









I’m Noway ISAAC, I am a member of the Board of Directors, I am one of RAJEPRE co-founder. I studied education science, and I am the general director of the community school (CEFJ). I am part of several organizations, including: ACSFA, OLADE. I received some training in : construction building, Hygiene & Prevention of Cholera, organizational management and capacity building).
I love soccer, music and the
My biggest dream is to have the mean to help children in needs.






I am the secretary of  RAJEPRE Executive Board and a member of the Education and of the Cultural and Entertainment committee. I am the Pedagogical Director and a professor for the CEFJ Kindergaten section. I worked as a trainer for merchant for Kouzin Dlo, training included: hygiene, sexual education, drinking water management and Maketing. I also studied: gardening, Community Leadership (with CLE HAITI), Women’s Leadership (with FOND CIR), Rescuers in Disasters (with Red Cross), Community Health (with Samaritan Purse), violence management  (with Concern World Wide & MSF).

I love working with children and to serve my community.




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