Christmas Party 2014

Rajepre, one of Haiti Communitere’s strongest community partners, used the Resource Center to host an end of the year gathering with all the students attending his community school. School principal Winter’s dream for the future? To set up a vocational school to offer more opportunities to the kids in his community school. We are so happy to be working with such an inspiring partner!

Thank you partners & friends for your help and donation. It was a wonderful day

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The Music Class Begins

Music Class

Thank you KINDLY to everyone who helped get our Music Class off the ground. The first class was on Saturday and we have 10 children who will be learning to play recorders, ukeleles, guitars, drums and a trombone and trumpet. So awesome. Thank you Gueldy René, Luc Rajepre, Esnold Luckson Jure, Delphine Bedu, Rachel Znerold, Laura Goldfish, Giddy Huckleberry, Alex Mace, Sarah Boll, Liz Ancker plus all our donors: Laurie Dasher, Rachel Cantu Rajput, Carmen Mauk and so many more.

Transforming with Agriculture

Men bon jan chanjman sosyal, yon kote anpil moun te konn ap jete fatra kite lakoz gwo pwoblem grav sou eta sante yo, kounye a nou vin transfome li an espas pou moun pratike agrikilti pou yo viv.

But good change social, a where a lot of people was he throw away garbage left causing significant serious problems on County Health, now we are come transform in space for people practice agriculture so that they could live.